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There are three models of this machine: Model ME509A is mainly used for surface shearing of woven fabric such as leather based cloth and so on. ME509A(C) is suitable for shearing of knitting fabric, curls, hairiness or thread end on the surface of weaving, towel fabric, loop fabric and decorating fabric. Model ME509A(M) is used in surface shearing of woolen and worst fabrics.


1。Shearing Cylinder can be adjusted variably by inverter, with traversing device and grinding blade on the machine is realized。 The shearing blades are universal use with model ME503 breed of shearing machines。

2。Adopted swing fabric table seat when meet fabric seam which makes sturcture action more stable, avoided shock motion and distortion of shearing blade。

3。Fabric feeding roller, fore guiding roller, main guiding roller and fabric output roller controlled by inverter respectively, fabric speed and tension can be adjusted variably。 Fabric reverse with constant tension is realizable。 Three sections of fabric tension adjusting: Fabric feeding tension is between tightening bracket and the position from feeding roller to fore guiding roller, it is controlled by speed difference between feeding roller to fore guiding roller。 Shearing tension is controlled by speed difference between main guiding roller and fore guiding roller。 Fabric output tension is controlled by speed difference between main guiding roller and fabric output roller。 Adopted tension detector in feeding area and output area respectively which controlls the tension change accurately and keep steady。 Change the fabric tension by setting in the touch screen。

4。Main shaft bearing of shearing cylinder is adopted imported double row needle roller bearing and spherical spherical base which improves dynamic compactness of knife edge。

5.The adjusting of shearing height is driven by servo motor, detected by beeline potentiometer, digital display and easy to operate.

6.Adopted seam detector, when it detects seam, the machine will electric alarm, and the shearing cylinder lift up automatically or manually.

7.The shearing cylinder lift up by pneumatic to facilitate the maintenance of shearing blade.

8。Various optional parts to suit different processes。 9。The machine is high automatic control, easy and safe to operate。

Main technical data

Items                                  Data

Working width(mm) 1800 2200

Fabric speed(m/min) 5~40 infinitely variable

Shearing cylinder Diameter(mm) 180

Number of shearing blades 24

Rotating speed(r/min) 250~1000 infinitely variable

Max. shearing height(mm) 15

Motor power (not including blower and air compressor ) (kW) 12

Pneumatic pressure(Pa) 5×105(5kgf/cm2)

Overall Dimensions L(mm) 4810 W(mm) 4110 4510 H(mm) 2965

Machine weight(kg) 3900 4300

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